Shag Etiquette


1. Dance in the direction of the wood grain in the floor and stay in your slot.

2. Dance small. Don't dance all over the floor or in circles.

3. When asking a person to dance, do so politely. It is equally acceptable to ask a man or woman to dance.

4. At the end of the dance thank your partner and escort your partner back to his/her table.

5. If you want to dance with someone who is obviously with a date or partner it is polite to ask the date or partner if they mind if you dance with their date.

6. Typically it is good form to accept an invitation to dance, but if you don't want to dance, say, "No thank you", politely.

7. If someone says "No thanks", do not be persistent, take them at their word.

8. It is impolite to correct your partner or offer instruction on the dance floor.

9. It's a fairly accepted practice that when a collision occurs on the dance floor, apologize, even if it wasn't your fault.

10. Shaggers and line dancers may dance to the same song. Be respectful of other dancers.

11. Step off the dance floor if you're not dancing.

12. If dancing with a less experienced partner, dance at the level your partner can handle.

13. Leaders, if you must count and give verbal leads, speak softly enough so only you and your partner can hear.

14. Dance as if no one is watching and have fun. Live, laugh love and by all means, Dance.